About ED

The Electronic Drum

Reading rhythms rippling the fabric of our actuality,
engaging current events, news, opinions & insights
in constant morph –
skull drumming a gris-gris gumbo
to spice what you feed your mind…
..enough to spark a fire…

“We are the digital drummers of the technical ether,
counteracting the inherent arrhythmia
harmonizing the fundamental discordance
which is the wilderness West.
As soldiers,
shoulder to shoulder,
mind to mind,
I & I be warriors,
our weapons lightning
the music of thunder.”

jamal ali
© 18 march 1991


  1. Ogun Ye Mo Ye!
    Congratulations! Your blog is a platform form for informative discussions, forward thinking and sharing of information, not forgetting your poetry which is powerful, thought provoking and beautiful.

  2. What to do when lawyers, county officials, attorney general, commonwealth attorney, sheriff, and their cronies conspire and steal your land and harvest your resources?

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