Posted by: Khepera | Sunday, 19 September 2010

Monsanto & the FDA: An Unholy & Dangerous Alliance

For more on this, check out articles on the Washington Post and Anyone who claims that “more information confuses consumers” insults the public, and anyone who argues that genetic modification does not constitute a “biological relevance difference”, then Monsanto can make not claim to this *new* being their intellectual property. We must ask ourselves why it is that nearly every other major nation on the planet REQUIRES that GM food products be clearly labeled as such….and as a result, they hold no significant market presence in those countries. In most of those same countries, these GMO are outlawed. The following quote I found quite significant:

“Ever since the FDA approved the first genetically altered material for use in food in 1992, when Monsanto developed a synthetic hormone injected into cows to increase milk production, the agency has held that it cannot require food producers to label products as genetically engineered.

In the intervening years, the use of genetically engineered crops has skyrocketed; 93 percent of this year’s soybean crop is genetically engineered, according to the U.S. Agriculture Department.

Byproducts of those crops – soy lecithin, for example – are found in thousands of processed foods from chocolate bars to breakfast cereal; none is labeled as containing genetically modified ingredients.”

Well, I guess this is an important heads up for all those vegetarians who thought they were safe….

As an FYI, @ the request of a regular reading, I am adding the following link to a couple of previous posts which delve into these issues — and other related pharmaceutical  & food/agribusiness — much more deeply:

REVISED: The Fallacies of Big Pharmaceuticals & FDA Policies
REVISED: The Health & Food-chain Risks of Genetically-engineered Food


  1. There is no evidence that GM are harmful there is clear evicence that GM crops have reduced cheical inseciticides that we know are dangerous. We also know that Bt crops produce corn with lower mycotoxins which are know carcinogens so we should really be woriied if GM crops were not used. It should also be cleat that organic doesn’t mean no pesticides are used

    • Tony, if you check the science, it is unequivocally clear that GMO ARE in fact harmful to natural living organisms. Follow the links and check the science.

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