Posted by: Khepera | Thursday, 12 November 2009

RESEARCH: South African Explorers Discover The Oldest Man-made Structure on Earth

This is intriguing info, especially when coupled with some research I’ve done over the years seeking to link the anthropological work of R. Singer & J. Wymer @ the cave at Klasies River mouth & the Blombos cave with other finds in southern Africa. This info is significant, imho, because of the astronomical links, and the foundation of geometry in application. Yet, I also feel any & all should be cautious when touting a claim like “The Oldest Man-made Structure on Earth.” This sparks a much more vast discussion in this arena than has been previously held, to my knowledge.

In an area of South Africa known as Mpumalanga, South African explorers have supposedly discovered what the are proclaiming as the oldest man-made structure on Earth. There are several photos & diagrams on the MaKomati home site, referencing the ruins which have been found.  For all these scientists’ apparent commitment to the culture they are ‘discovering’ and seeking to ‘preserve’, I find it highly ironic that they chose to name the stone calendar(a la Namoratunga or Stonehenge) after the scientist who discovered it, and, even stranger, is it’s “affectionate” appellation — “Adam’s calendar.”  C’mon folks….

Anyway, check out the info, and let’s expand the conversation…


  1. Thanks for the links.

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