Posted by: Khepera | Tuesday, 6 October 2009

ANN’T: Huntington Library(Pasadena, CA) Receives Papers Of Science Fiction Writer Octavia Butler

There may be a few — a very few AA’s who use computers — who do not know the name of Octavia Butler, an award-winning speculative fiction author. In case there are some of you who are unfamiliar with this extraordinary AA woman/author, follow the link.

Octavia Butler-1

Octavia Butler @ book signing

Octavia Butler @ book signing

I was fortunate to meet Octavia a few times in the 80’s, at a conference of the IBWA Los Angeles, where she spoke, and at some meetings of LASFS, where she held court in a rather odd social dynamic…which would require a separate post.  She was a gloriously tall and dark sister, proud and articulate, though a bit shy.  Of her works, Mind of My Mind was my favorite. I can only say, if you have not read Octavia Butler, you are in for one good surprise…

The Huntington Library announcement is available in PDF.

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