Posted by: Khepera | Sunday, 17 May 2009

ANN’T: How Bruce Lee Changed the World

Kim, thanks for posting this!! I’m a big Bruce Lee fan, and I might have missed this otherwise…

Folks really don’t get the role Bruce Lee made — and continues to make — on this planet. There have been very few humans who have not only transcended their art/sport, but their cultural specificity as well. In the same way Dizzy Gillespie brought Afro-Cuban music into the USA & jazz; the same way Carlos Santana brought Latin music & culture into the mainstream of the USA & the west, as Bob Marley did with reggae worldwide, so Bruce did with martial arts, Chinese culture and the role of spirit in martial arts. If he had been Japanese — and no insult here to the magnificence of China — Bruce would likely have been named Samurai posthumously.

Yes, he was a renegade, from some of the traditionalist protocols of Chinese martial arts, but he was a synthesizer — one who took the best from many forms and melded into one he called his own: Jeet Kun Do….

Folks need to recognize….

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