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Food Combining — a zone of lost knowledge/understanding

All to often, as is symptomatic of western culture, we are conditioned to grasp for threads, splinters, instead of the full fabric, the complete tree. This focus on the particular is what led Buckminster Fuller to say “An expert is someone who knows more and more about less and less, until eventually he knows everything about nothing.” This arises out of our conditioning to look at things in a disconnected way, rather than examining how things fit together, function together, etc.

Food combining is precisely one of these sorts of areas of knowledge. Consider that if you do not understand chemistry — the chemistry of digestion — then you will eat things together which inherently interfere with the digestion the chemical breakdown & nutrient absorption — of one another. I have inserted below images of a food combining chart which I have used for years. Yes, I found it on the Net, but had to paste the pieces together. I urge you to do your own study & research on this topic. Here’s a small example:

Proteins do not combine with starches
This rule heads the list as being the worst of the disease-producing habits. If you know anything about the facts of digestion, you’ll realize that there is no way this combination will ever digest. Well, “What about meat and potatoes, hamburgers, sub sandwiches, meat pizzas, macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, and all?” Take for example, the hamburger — the meat is a protein and the bread is a starch. It takes a series of acid digestive juices to digest the protein, and a series of alkaline digestive juices to digest the starch. Remember in chemistry class when you burned yourself with some acid, you were told to apply an alkaline, to neutralize the acid! Well, the same result happens to the digestive juices in the stomach when you eat a protein and a starch together. They neutralize themselves and NO DIGESTION IS THE RESULT. Then, as we have learned when our food doesn’t digest, it ROTS. John H. Tilden, M.D. used to say, “Nature never produces a sandwich!”(from the chart)

This is the first of the 7 Food Combining Rules from the chart. I would suggest that you spend the money to get a good copy of this chart. It comes in 2 sizes. The one I have on my refrigerator is about 24″x30″, in color, like the images below. I blew them up a bit, but they are difficult to read. The chart is © Wayne Pickering. There is a lot here to digest, pardon the pun, but well worth the effort. So those who have felt they were eating right — including the vegetarians — but still couldn’t lose weight, or still felt bloated after eating, etc., perhaps this will help you to understand why. I hope some of you found this useful…

With respect to Mr. Pickering, according to his website, the chart I have has been discontinued, so my posting of these much smaller versions should not be a copyright violation.  If I find out otherwise, I will remove them.

Good news — I found Pickering’s new website, & the new link is above. As stated in the previous paragraph, if I found that the chart I previously showed below was still available, I would delete the images, as I have. I suggest you visit the site and get your own — they are well worth it.



  1. Somehow I hadn’t seen the phrase, when food doesn’t digest, it rots. That is clear and powerful. Thank you!

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