Posted by: Khepera | Friday, 27 March 2009

Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s ACTUAL sermon “Confusing God and Government”

Too often we allow supposed pundits & news punks to frame and characterize events for us, instead of using our individual discernment and critical thinking skills to arrive at our own assessments. There are few instances in the last few years which better fit this codependent pattern than the vilification of Rev. Jeremiah Wright over his sermon “Confusing God and Government.” Relabeled & repackaged by an antagonistic outraged largely white media, his sage words became “Goddamn America.” Chew on that twist a moment, and tell me if the flavor doesn’t shift on the bedpost overnight.

Suddenly, we were being compelled by rabid newshounds to see this man of the cloth — & a former military medical officer who participated in surgical procedures on Pres. Johnson — as some sort of home grown neo-terrorist, anti-patriotic blithering fool. Now most may know that it is an unwritten rule in the press in this country that you do not characterize a military veteran as unpatriotic without actionable evidence of acts against the state. This was clearly not the case here.

As a result of a convo on one of the listserves I belong to, I was led to this resource which, apparently, documents the full text of Rev. Wright’s now famous sermon. I urge you to peruse & digest it for yourself, draw your own conclusions, then sit back and ask yourself to what extent you will now trust & accept the *presentations* of ‘characterizations as fact’ from the broad sweep of news pimps & pundits who, in near ejaculatory frenzy, colluded to once again defraud the conscience — and conscientiousness — of America. There is no need to ask why, to seek to ascertain agendas &/or purpose — that is all too clear. What is key, is that we NOT forget, that we NOT allow the brief span of breaths between then & now to deflate our rigor, our fervor for truth. In addition, I have included the YouTube video of his sermon(which is, I believe, is also available on ITunes), for those who feel cheated without the histrionics.


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