Posted by: Khepera | Monday, 23 February 2009

Celebrating Black History 365 Days A Year

Exploring, learning & discovering the history and heritage of your family, your people can be an incredibly empowering experience.  When viewed globally, it ceases to be a search driven by a color, but instead becomes an embrace of the entire African Diaspora — a tropical family encircling the planet in rich, lush truths extending back in time to the beginning of the human family tree, people of hue.

The link below, while focusing more narrowly on African American heritage is yet a useful tool, providing an entré to those who may be otherwise put off by that which they may deem as “too African.”  To each in their own time, their own rhythm.  Once you catch the groove of your own face, and the places it has built over the millennia, then you will be moved to widen your search, deepen your excavations, and, in the process, discover a greater you.

A Celebration of Black History


  1. I appreciate your blog post and link. I try to promote OURstory on my blog as well.

    peace, Villager

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