Posted by: Khepera | Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The Allure of Obama

foretold to the day by RFK,
emerging from turbulence,
born of a crucible of change,
he was reared on sights of gas lines
industrial crumble,
the unraveling of a leadership of lies
&                    the arrogance of those who refused to be humble

instead of memories of depression
or                             endless profit
he knows frugal means more than money —
it’s about resources,
and citizenship is about more than neighborhood
or                                              nation,
he has a vision for the planet

Obama is a paragon of firsts —
our first post baby boom president
our first leading from the ground,
free of the WASP’s sting,
who recognizes collective is the thing,
is what the constitution really meant

Obama evokes
leveraging language
awakening comatose conscience
&            principles buried in history books
After giving life to hope,
he resurrects memories of ingenuity
newly defined

He understands our resurgence demands
we pull the best from our past
and wisely purge what no longer works
He prudently reminds us
such achievements require effort
a new focus

He levels the field so all may till,
& harvest, in measure with their effort,
gain in measure with their contributions
rather than pandering to station

Once considered shiftless,
we now embody the paradigm shift
from belief to hope to is
This is about more than faith —
it is about doing
instead of waiting on salvation
No plan can be rendered,
no policy tendered
if the will of the people is not in full effect

If President Obama is to resurrect
the ideals of America,
so long empty and defiled
into living paradigms,
we must lead from the bottom up,
exerting experience
&        our infamous drive
harnessed to hearts which see you in me
accepting accountability for how we choose to be



© 6 february 2009

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  1. You are so truly special. Why are you not on the lecture circuit. I actually know individuals less talented than you and they are making a killing on the lecture circuit (misguiding folks), and you have something to say that would definitely uplift.

    Stretch out those wings and fly.

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