Posted by: Khepera | Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Celebrating Kwanzaa – Interactive Fiction & New Media

In the midst of this celebration of Kwanzaa, and the challenges facing those with resurgent hope, I would like to offer a very new and different mode of experiencing & celebrating Kwanzaa this year, in a manner unlike any other…

Some of you who have been members of my network over the years, know that this is our 3rd year hosting(in partnership with Laurence Rozier)  a Kwanzaa Celebration in Second Life. We also have been coordinating these various modes & media thru our Nguzo Saba Ning site, via Twitter, and now with the addition of an interactive fiction story. As you will discover by clicking the previous link, interactive fiction is a story you read & play at the same time, working your way thru the story, making your own choices, so each experience is essentially different. You can also go to the Ning site and view images connected with the story, for a more visual experience.

Should you find these developments intriguing, should you have a taste for more, all you have to do to play/read/experience the story is to click the link: Kwanzaa – Interactive Fiction. (For those not familiar with the interactive fiction process, start out by typing “look at Info Box” or “read Moving Around.”) If you have a Second Life account, come join us in Nguzo Saba Park(SLURL) — the candle lighting ceremony is at 5pm PST, each day of Kwanzaa.

Note:  If you do not have a Second Life account, and are interested in having one, I suggest you follow the Second Life link above, to find out more. If, after that, you want to get an account, send me a message, and I will send you an invite….yes, it is free…!

“We are the digital drummers of the technical ether,
counteracting the inherent arrhythmia
harmonizing the fundamental discordance
which is the wilderness West.
As soldiers,
shoulder to shoulder,
mind to mind,
I & I be warriors,
our weapons lightning
the music of thunder.”

jamal ali
© 18 march 1991


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