Posted by: Khepera | Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Truth, Facts & Fiction: Creation Stories, Religious Origins & xmas

I intended to address some aspects of this during this $ea$on of illusion, and I think this may well be the most concise & direct presentation available, all in one place. One of the great challenges in one’s growth, and the cultivation of understanding/intellect is the prerequisite of recognizing the source of one’s information, and the foundational presumptions inherent in the perspective(s) of that source.  Once a firm grasp of this is achieved, liberating one’s self from these cognitive constrains becomes desirable, attainable & wise.  The down side is that in the process, one must purge themselves of the bonds emotional investment in these *other* ways of seeing & being.  Comfort & familiarity can be a drug like anything else.  Yet, one of the key motivations in all this is that one of the definitions of insanity is ‘you keep doing the same things the same way while expecting different results…

Check out the full film when you get a chance.

Here is Part I on Religion…

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