Posted by: Khepera | Monday, 23 June 2008

Women of the World: “I Am Powerful”

I found this video on the site. An excerpt is being shown as a TV commercial on various stations. Given the actuality of the vast unleveraged resource the women of this planet represent — and how key this is to our individual & collective sustainability — this seems like a good item to share. This seems particularly appropriate given the struggle for respect & functional inclusion women face around the globe. It has always mystified me how anyone would choose to disempower the one you turn to to birth/raise your children, prepare the food which sustains you, the one whose hands you put your heart in. What greater form of self-sabotage could there possibly be? The only thing close is being an anti-environmentalist…and given that we refer to the planet as ‘Mother Earth’, perhaps they are not so different…..

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