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The Olmec Civilization

The Olmecs of southern Mexico and Central America are quite likely the least discussed high civilization in recorded history. While it is often suggested that the Olmec civilization was African and not indigenous. While the African presence and contribution is unmistakable, their participation was rooted in the respect and inclusion of the indigenous of the land – flora, fauna and human. It can be argued, with reliable and extensive foundation that, unlike other peoples who sought to replicate themselves through conquest guised as exploration and sanctified by myths of manifest destiny, the Africans collaborated with the indigenous people in founding the fusion of Olmec civilization. This is perhaps best illustrated through the genesis and evolution of their jaguar cult, including the use of indigenous flora and symbols, many common the the tropical region girding the belly of the planet.

This study is dedicated to those scholars who, over the decades and centuries, have labored in enforced obscurity, impassioned, relentless and indefatigable in their mission to preserve and reveal the Olmec achievement to the rest of the world. Harun Kofi Wangara(Harold G. Lawrence), both friend and mentor, is mentioned first. Leo Wiener, R. A. Jairazbhoy and Alexander von Wuthenau hold the fairly singular role of being some of the few, if not only Europeans to have made such extensive groundbreaking archaeological discoveries, but who are yet overlooked by most as European patriarchs of this field of study. Most often pushed to the fore in other regions as paragons in their field, these men were treated more as embarrassments, pariahs, largely due to their insistence on the Africanity of the Olmec civilization. Others, inspired by their work include Ivan van Sertima, and Legrand H. Clegg, II, who made significant contributions of their own, to wider acclaim.

Let it be clearly stated here that the argument for the Maafa – the European slave trade – as the initiatory presence of Africans in the Americas is specious, baseless and without foundation. The record in stone, bone and artifact in North, South and Central America, of an anterior presence in population and civilization is so voluminous and extensive as to render picayune any other premise for a time line of African presence.



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  1. I’ve always wondered about those Olmec heads. History of people of color go WAAAY back….you’d never it though from mainstream history books. 😛

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