Posted by: Khepera | Friday, 6 June 2008

Water privatization may be the #1 sustainability issue worldwide

Water privatization may be an unfamiliar phrase to many of us. If so, there are several links in this post. Water privatization is already here, in the USA as well.

Water privatization facts are not difficult to come by. There is even a map showing the spread of this malignant greed. This is not just about distant 3rd world countries and their water privatization fiascoes, or poor people on some other continent. It is happening here. Now.

Inform yourself so you may plan appropriately. You may have thought it odd when they started charging for air at the gas stations. Then more so, when bottled water became an epidemic craze. Now, like cable TV, the goal is to get us to pay for everything, and make profits for those who did nothing to produce what they charge for. Water is a product of Nature, not humans.

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Also, check “Blue Gold”: T. Boone Pickens and the Privatization of Water


  1. Baba Khepera Asante’ for this post! It is perplexing to know that this information has been out for so long, and only hearing your lone voice of advocacy for nature. Re-acting to an offensive maneuver like this seems like a weak position to be in… I have never thought of myself as one of many sheeple, yet I do feel like I and my family are being herded to a cliff!… Still, it seems that the masses are waiting for the “rocks to cry out!” We must take a stand against this NOW! Yet first, WE must divest from our own duplicity and corroboration in this system!

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