Posted by: Khepera | Thursday, 14 February 2008

Beyond Intuition: Jazz plays a title role in Tiffany Golden’s film about healing familial relations

This film should be on our must see list, when it is released later this year. It addresses some critical family issues within our community, while weaving in important spiritual/cultural references as well. Tiffany is holding a fundraiser in Oakland tomorrow — 2/15, which is going to be hosted by well known Bay area DJ(& close friend) Greg Bridges.

Full article
Filmmaker Tiffany Golden compares her forthcoming feature, Firstborn, to the 1955 drama Cat on a Hot Tin Roof in the sense that it opens with a household already mired in grief — in this case because the mother recently succumbed to cancer. But unlike the Tennessee Williams play, Firstborn doesn’t dwell on dysfunctional relationships or the many webs of deception that can form when a family loses its foundation. Rather, Golden’s story — which is set in present-day Oakland — offers a hopeful take on African-American father-daughter relationships, and three people’s will to survive in a perilous situation. Explained the director, “I wanted to write something that didn’t necessarily have a happy ending, but showed that people could heal from traumatic incidents in their families — and what that looks like.”
In Firstborn, teenager Daja Wilson — a clairvoyant capable of seeing “auras” — communicates with her deceased jazz singer mother through spiritual intuition. Faced with a lot of “predatory energy” from people who think she’s crazy and from an older drifter who attempts to console her, Wilson struggles to stave off the malefactors and keep her family together, even though everyone is despondent and vulnerable.


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