Posted by: Khepera | Saturday, 20 January 2007

African Mathematics

I have posted some things about AMUCHA in the past, but there may be some interest in the following, especially for those who were unaware:

The African Mathematical Union (AMU) or Union Mathematique Africaine (UMA) is the African equivalent of the International Mathematical Union. The official webpage of the AMU is in preparation and will be operated from the Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco ( Until that time we operate this website.

Among the activities of the AMU is the organisation of commissions:

1. AMUCHMA- the Commission on the History of Mathematics in Africa whose newsletter is available online.

2. AMUCME, the Commission on Mathematics Education in Africa.

3. AMUCWMA, the Commission on Women in Mathematics in Africa.

4. AMUCMO, The Commission for the African Mathematics Olympiads.

5. The AMU Mathematical Sciences Network

The AMU also publishes the journal Afrika Matematica, The First Pan-African Mathematical Journal.

This web page was constructed with help from past AMU President, Professor Aderemi Kuku and Professor Paulus Gerdes of Mozambique.

This web page is the property of the African Mathematical Union. It was created by, and is maintained within the website of (go to) Mathematicians of the African Diaspora by:

Dr. Scott W. Williams, Professor,
The Department of Mathematics,
State University of New York at Buffalo



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